Alonzo Martial Arts

Personal Space & Boundary Setting for Pre-K to Kinder kids 

WEE KICK Class plants seeds of Self-Discipline and prepares pre-K & Kindergarten kids for the physicality and structure of more mature martial arts training.  Benefits include confidence, self-esteem, and better focus. Physically, they benefit from improved gross motor skills, coordination, balance, strength & flexibility.  In addition to traditional martial arts training, our approach to empowering kids wouldn't be complete without building up their self-esteem, practicing social skills, and teaching them how to set boundaries.  Mindful meditation can ease anxiety while promoting kindness.  Wee Kick Class is an age-appropriate experience taught from a Child Development perspective.  BONUS: Parents can also enjoy membership to 2019's Most Loved Gym in Santa Monica, TriFit Club and Studios

for only $60/month with your child's enrollment! Such a Win/Win for busy families!

WEE KICK Classes meet Tuesdays & Thursdays at 3:30pm and Saturdays at 11am