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a unique empowerment experience for the whole family!  Our mission since our first class in this community remains unchanged: to encourage and motivate kids through martial arts from a Child Development perspective.  Our Goal is to further empower them beyond their training so that they can focus on their passions and improve our world. We prepare students with life skills:  focus, self-esteem, confidence, discipline, and social & emotional learning (SEL), for a healthier physical & mental well being.  We hope they can make a positive impact in our communities, modeling kindness, mindfulness, and compassion.  The goal of each class is character development forged through adversity, and we strive to maintain our commitment by example. We believe it takes strong individuals working together to build a strong community. It starts with teaching kids how to interact respectfully with everyone around them.



The roots of our work with kids can be found on school campuses of some of the east Bay Area's inner-cities. The tree trunk of our method was nurtured at leading local martial arts schools over the past 24 years, with branches of our reputation reaching into schools & preschools from the valley, through the Palisades & Mid City, down to the South Bay.  We've empowered generations of families with martial arts instruction since 1991. Our little sapling got a little direct sunlight earlier this year, with recognition as a Most Loved Santa Monica Business for Kids, while today, we celebrate our first anniversary in the new space in July! Our classes take place in a unique environment where parents can work out (even take a swim!) while their kids are in class, with a $60 monthly membership to TriFit Club and Studios, (Buy Local Santa Monica's 2019 Most Loved Santa Monica Gym!)  Factor in our Upstander Kids Anti-Bullying Summer Camp, and busy parents would be hard pressed to find a better value for their families! And if your child is Home Schooled, we are the only approved vendor for martial arts for Innovative Education Management. In the other words, we're the only martial arts school in the region to offer Physical Education Credit from Sky Mountain Charter School for martial arts instruction. It doesn't get much better than kids earning PE credit empowering themselves with mindfulness and martial arts. Check out some other reasons folks LOVE us in our 5-star Yelp reviews, or book a free lesson to see for yourself!   



-Laurie Smith

"My 5-year-old has attended since July, and he has learned so much and gained a lot of confidence in just a short time. First of all, the studio is SPOTLESS.  It is brand new and sparkling clean, with good natural light and plentiful equipment. Second, the class options are great, with a Wee Kick class offered every T-F and Saturday. There are never too many kids in a class. Finally, Master Alonzo... he's wonderful.  He manages to be super friendly, fun, funny and a great teacher, but still commands attention and respect. He has a great non-physical approach to boundary-setting and sticking up for oneself and others that he reinforces during each class, in addition to teaching martial arts fundamentals. I used to be involved in martial arts, and so was very particular when choosing an instructor and studio for our little guy.  Master Alonzo hits every mark in our book, and we are so pleased!"

-Bonnie Kopf

"We have been learning from Master Alonzo (camps and classes) since the summer of 2016 and have been continually impressed and grateful for his outstanding instruction. His whole-child curriculum and implementation of it are both first-rate. A thorough understanding of child development guides his age-appropriate instruction, and he leads in a fluid, engaging way that is both effective and entertaining...  

Best of all, it works. My son was physically and verbally/emotionally bullied for an entire school year (transitional kindergarten, age 4-5) before we met Master Alonzo. I brought him to his anti-bullying summer camp and after that point my son was able to put a quick end to the bullying on his own without conflict because of his newfound confidence and ability to assert himself calmly and clearly."

-Shala Maghen


"My two sons have trained with Master Richard Alonzo since they were 5 years old. He’s always had a special gift of knowing how to connect with kids, keep them interested, teaching them to be disciplined, strive higher and to never give up… A few years ago now, my older son Devin was involved in a horrific car accident that doctors said he'd have  only 2% chance of surviving. He had sustained a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI), and they said his recovery would be very tough. I feel that the toughness, resilience, fighter instinct that was nurtured in my son was largely due to his training over the years with Master Alonzo. He even helped Devin  learn how to walk again, re-setting his sense of balance, until eventually returning to training!

If you want to do something amazing to help build strong character in your kids, training with Master Alonzo will be one of the best things

you can do as a parent."


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